Preservation specialist list: Engineers & Envelope Consultants

Facilities Maintenance

The furnace ducts need to be cleaned.

There is an electric wire that was exposed while digging in the flower bed in front of the tower.

Additional outlets are needed by the desk for the networking and computer equipment.

Our existing bathroom fulfills MSL requirements. The floor needs to be sealed.

There are windows and caulking that still need to be painted.

Front door weather stripping at the bottom of the door is ripped and needs to be replaced.

Capital Improvements List

Shelf lighting

Furnace filter, Air quality

Humidity level HVAC

Internal cellar door does not close because of the furnace exhaust pipe.

Concrete floor in the basement.

Tower stairs

Chimney relining and pointing.

Pointing of the exterior wall on the back wall from the chimney to the north corner.

Fire safety. The library needs a second means of egress.

The library is not wheelchair accessible.

There are windows and caulking that still need to be painted.

The window sashes were replaced in 2019 but the frames are 124 years old. Part two of the windows frame replacement will have to be done in the coming years.

Long term projects:

2028 Heated floor: Pex forced hot water radiant floor heating to replace the blown hot air.

2029 Remove the sheetrock ceiling and restore the vaulted ceiling.

2030 Remove, rather than replace the carpets at the end of the carpet’s life. Refinish the original floors.

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