Gabby Gatherings

Everyone in Ogunquit has a story to tell. The Library’s Thursday events let people hear them. Artists, writers, travelers, and sundry other personalities are our weekly speakers. If you want to see the speaker schedule, check back here, check out the Ogunquit Memorial Library Facebook page, or look for us in the Weekly Sentinel.

Past Gabby Gatherings

See Richard Perkins read his Odes. Visit our YouTube Channel.

We have taken our programs to Zoom.

Our first Zoom program will be “How to use Zoom.”. Call 646-9024 or email for more information.

Our Gabby gatherings are held on Thursdays at 2:30 to 3:30. We will review “How the use Zoom” every week. Call 646-9024 if you are having difficulty getting into a Zoom meeting. Don’t suffer in silence.

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