Ogunquit Memorial Library

Borrowing Policy

In order to borrow materials from the Ogunquit Memorial Library it is necessary to have a valid record in the patron database or present a valid Ogunquit Library card.

Circulation Periods:

The following items may be checked out for 2 weeks:


Audio Books

Magazines (back issues only)


Note: There is a moratorium on borrowing books published before 1900. These books are frail and are to be used only within the library.

New Patrons:

New Patrons agree to abide by the policies of the Ogunquit Memorial Library. New patrons are on a probationary period of six months. Borrowing for new patrons is limited to 6 books and 3 DVDs.

Note: ILL Inter Library Loan; The circulation period for materials obtained from other libraries is determined by the owning library. These libraries may choose to limit the circulation period for specific items, or types of materials.

Renewing Materials:

Materials owned by the Ogunquit Memorial Library may be renewed 2 times unless there is a hold on that item. The renewal period is the same amount of time as the original circulation period. Items owned by other libraries may usually be renewed, however, the library owning the material may choose to limit the renewal period, or to not allow any renewals on specific materials.

How to Renew Materials: Materials may be renewed in person, by calling the library at 646-9024, or online at https://egvm1.mainebalsamlibraries.org/eg/opac/home?ol=183 and clicking on the MY ACCOUNT icon. Ask the librarian to set up an account for you.

Circulation Limits:

Due to demand the library has placed limits on the amount of specific items that may be checked out:

Magazines (back issues only) – A maximum of 5 per person

Patrons are limited to having a maximum of 10 requests on their patron record at any given time.

Requesting Materials: It is possible to request material from the Portland Public Library

through Inter Library Loan, ILL.

·Items requested through Inter Library Loan will often be ready for pick up within a week.

·Patrons are notified by phone or e-mail when the requested item is available.

· Patrons have 5 working days from the first notification to pick up the item. If the item is not picked up during this period the hold will be removed and the item will be returned to the lending library.

· If the item sought is not in the catalog, a material purchase request may be placed in person or by phone. Patrons submitting material purchase requests will be notified only if the library decides not to purchase the item.

Fines and Fees: The primary purpose of fines is to have the overdue item(s) returned to the library in an acceptable condition and thus continue to be available to other borrowers. Fees and fines may be paid by cash or check.

Overdue fines for materials are $.10/day per item. All fines accumulate to a maximum of $5.00/item.

When a borrower’s fines accumulate in excess of $3.00, a block will be placed on the patron’s record that will restrict the patron from all library privileges until the fine has been resolved.

· Lost items – When an item has not been returned in 1 month, the patron is notified that the item has been declared lost. Patrons who have items that have been declared lost will be charged the retail value of the item and accumulated fines (with a maximum fine of $5.00/item).

· If a patron has paid for the item after being notified, and within 1 month finds and returns it, and if the item is in acceptable condition as determined by the director or his/her designee, the patron will be required to pay only the accumulated overdue fine. The decision to accept the replacement item is determined by the librarian responsible for the collection area.

· Damaged Items: If an item has been returned damaged, the cardholder may be charged a repair fee according to our “Schedule of Fees” which is available upon request. If an item is returned in such condition that the library deems a replacement copy be purchased, the cardholder will be charged the current replacement cost of the item and accumulated fines (up to $5.00) on the item. All unpaid fees and/or fines may result in a permanent ban from all borrowing privileges or all library privileges. A person who knowingly fails to comply with the library policies concerning the return of materials may also be charged with a Class D crime. Source: Title 17-A: Maine Criminal Code Chapter 15 } 360: 1C.

Access of Library Materials:

Because parents and legal guardians are responsible for deciding what library materials are appropriate for their minor children, the library will not restrict the use of library collections, and therefore does not assume liability in a child’s choice of reading or viewing material.

Confidentiality of Library Records:

The Ogunquit Memorial Library safeguards the confidentiality and privacy of all borrower records, including those of juveniles, as defined by State and Federal Laws.

· Maine State Law, Title 27, Chapter 4-A, Section 121 states:

· A record maintained by any public library…is confidential if the record contains: A. A library patron’s personally identifying information, including but not limited to the library patron’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address; or B. Information that identifies a library patron as having requested, obtained or used books or other materials in any medium at the library or provided by the library. 2. Permitted release. A record designated confidential by subsection 1 may be released only with the express written permission of the library patron involved; to officers, employees, volunteers and agents of the library to the extent necessary for library administrative purposes; or as the result of a court order. This applies in all situations including the USA Patriot Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

· A valid record in the patron database is required for checkout of all materials.

· Possession of a library card is implied permission to use that card. If an individual presents another individual’s library card, whether from the same family or not, it is assumed that the person presenting the card has the permission of the card owner.

· When a library staff member contacts an individual regarding library materials, the staff member will not leave specific information about the titles of the materials with a third party or on an answering machine. Specific information will only be shared with the individual whose library card corresponds to the material.

· Procedures for compliance of requests for patron records are available for review in the Library’s Policy and Procedure notebook. Please see a librarian for more information.

Denial of Borrowing or Library Privileges:

Use of the library or its materials may be denied for inappropriate conduct as defined in the Library’s Behavior Policy, loss of materials, destruction or tampering with library property, or any illegal activities.

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