The library is for everyone’s enjoyment. The following guidelines for patron conduct are essential to ensure respect for individuals who use this public facility:

Definition of Problem Behavior

Problem behavior is any behavior which either consciously or unconsciously violates or restricts the rights of patrons or staff to use the library.

General Library Behavior Guidelines

The Ogunquit Memorial Library supports the rights of all individuals to:

  • Use the library without discrimination
  • Receive friendly, courteous and respectful service
  • Have free and equal access to information
  • Have a clean, comfortable and pleasant environment
  • Use the library undisturbed without threat of harm, invasion of property, or interference

Prohibited Behaviors

Acts of Intimidation: Any abusive language, racially or sexually harassing comments, threatening language, hitting, pushing, stalking, staring, or lurking will not be tolerated. This applies to patron-to-patron interactions as well as patron-to-staff interactions.

Audio Equipment: Please keep the volume of any audio equipment low so that others cannot hear it. If your audio becomes disruptive you may be asked to move to the entrance lobby.

Baby Carriages: Baby carriages should be left to the side of the walkway. Please don’t block the steps or the entry and exit to the library.

Borrowing Policy

The library has a Borrowing Policy. This Borrowing Policy is in effect for the Ogunquit Memorial Library as well as the libraries used for inter library loan. Items circulate for a period of two weeks. Items are then returned to the library in an acceptable condition and thus continue to be available to other borrowers. See the details in the Borrowing Policy. Patrons who deliberately flaunt the rules of the Borrowing Policy may lose their Borrowing Privileges. Refer to the end of this document.

Bicycles: Bicycles must be parked in designated areas outside the building. A bicycle rack is in the front of the building.

Cell Phones: As a courtesy to other library users, patrons entering the library with a cell phone, pager, or similar electronic device should turn the device off or set it to a non-audible signal (flashing light, vibration, etc.) If your conversation becomes disruptive you may be asked to move your conversation to the entrance lobby.

Children: Children 8 years of age or younger must not be left unattended in the library.  The library staff cannot be responsible for minor children who are unsupervised.  For behavioral, safety and security reasons, and the comfort of other patrons, parents/guardians/or assigned chaperons must keep their young children (8 years of age or younger) within their sight. Parents/guardians are responsible and liable for their children’s actions including any vandalism to property. Please see our “Unattended Child Policy” for more information.

Clothing: Shirts and shoes must be worn in the library. Exposed swimsuits are not allowed.

Daily Closing:  Patrons are responsible for knowing the closing time for that day. Personal belongings left in the library at closing time will be locked in the building until the library is next open to the public.

Damages: Those who damage or deface library materials or property will be prosecuted. Parents can be liable for damage done by a child under the age of eighteen.

Disturbances: Loud talking, raucous laughter, offensive language, or otherwise engaging in disruptive behavior is not allowed.  Running or playing physically active games at the library is also not permitted, unless these activities are part of a library sanctioned program.

Drugs and Alcohol: Drugs and alcohol are prohibited on library property.

Alcohol is only allowed at certain approved library functions.

Entrances: Building entrances and exits may not be blocked.

Food and Drink: For health and cleanliness reasons, no food is allowed in the building except for special events sponsored by the Board of Trustees, or employees of the Ogunquit MemorialLibrary.  Beverages in covered containers are allowed.

Library Furniture (Misuse of): In order to maintain clean and attractive library facilities and furniture, please don’t sit on tables, place feet on furniture, move furniture, lie on floors, or deface walls. Patrons should sit one to a chair.

Loitering: Loitering on library property is not allowed. This rule requires staff to exercise discretion with regards to what is considered unacceptable loitering behavior. In general, the determining factor will be whether the behavior prevents others from enjoying the library and its environs.

Meetings: Gatherings and meetings are not allowed without a prior arrangement with the director.

Personal property: Patrons are responsible for their property. The library staff cannot guarantee the security of valuables. Care must be taken to keep the floor clear for the safe passage of others.

Pets: Certified service animals and guide dogs are allowed in the library at all times. Certified Therapy Dogs are allowed in the library for specific library programs under the approval of the Library Director or his/her designee. Unattended animals outside the building are not permitted; the town’s Animal Control Officer may be called.


Our facilities are limited. Public rest rooms are available at the police station/Dunaway Center, Jacobs parking lot, and Perkins Cove.

Misusing the rest room (e.g. using them as a laundry or washing facility, or defacing the walls) is not allowed.

Running: Running is not allowed in the library building.

Sleeping: Habitual sleepers, noisy sleepers and those who are sprawled on furniture or the floor in a manner that is disturbing to other persons will be asked to leave.

Solicitation: . Solicitations and petitions are not allowed on library property. Surveys, questionnaires, or any other research projects may be conducted only with the approval of the Library Director.

Staff Only Areas: Patrons are not allowed to enter areas posted “Staff Only” without proper authorization from the Library Director or his/her designee. These areas include but may not be limited to, any staff work area, the tower, storage areas, and the mechanical areas of the building.

Threats: Threatening behavior, including, but not limited to, violence, threats of violence, and possession of weapons is not allowed.

Tobacco: Smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited on library property. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited.

Loss of Library Privileges

Engaging in any of the above behaviors may result in one or more of the following consequences, at the discretion of the Library Director, depending on the severity of the violation: initial warning; given a copy of the Patron Code of Conduct; library privileges suspended for seven days; library privileges suspended for thirty days; library privileges suspended for up to one year. Patrons who are suspended from the library for a period exceeding one day may petition to have their suspension reviewed by the Director, and then by the library’s Board of Trustees.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees:  August 2019

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