JULY 2024

The Comfort of Ghosts
Fire Exit
Pitch Dark
Same As It Ever Was
Think Twice
You Like It Darker: Stories
The Age of Magical Overthinking
Chasing Hope: A Reporter
Down East: An Illustrated History of Maritime Maine
Camino Ghosts
The Bee Sting
Listen for the Lie
Funny Story
The 24th Hour: Is This the End
The Jazzmen
Next Stop
The Watermelon Seed
Darling Girls
The Raven Boys
Song of Achilles
The Summer We Started Over
Toxic Prey
How to Solve Your Own Murder
Granite Harbor
The Murder Inn
The Secret Lives of Booksellers & Librarians
Bad Gays: A Homosexual History
The Wide Wide Sea
The Demon of Unrest
An Unfinished Love Story
Never Give Up
Braiding Sweetgrass
Camping Spree with Mr. Magee
This is Our Rainbow
The First Blade of Sweetgrass
In the Time of the Butterflies
The Little Liar
Someone Always Nearby
The Trackers
The Hunter
Village in the Dark
Bright Young Women
The House of Eve
Romney A Reckoning
This Way, Charlie
Goodbye Girl
There, There
Unruly: Ridiculous History of England’s Kings and Queens
On Target
After Annie
Good Omens
The Soulmate
Medgar & Myrlie
Astor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune
The Girl and the Dinosaur
How To Party Like a Snail
Masters of the Air: America
Let the Great World Spin
The Divorcees
The Gray Man
The #1 Lawyer
House of Spirits
The Women
The Mona Lisa Vanishes
Big Truck Little Island
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Come and Get It
Deadly Game
First Lie Wins
Fourteen Days
The Ghost Orchid
The Heiress
Master Slave Husband Wife
Oath and Honor
Original Sins
The Showman
Sisters Under the Rising Sun
The Storm We Made
The Summer Book Club
Threads That Bind
When Grumpy Met Sunshine
The Berry Pickers
Business or Pleasure
The Engagement Party
The Fields
Holmes, Marple, & Poe
Iron Flame
The Paris Housekeeper
From a Far and Lovely Country
The book at war
How to be an adult in relationships
Larry Mcmurtry: A Life
Making It In America
Most Marshmellows
Locust Lane
The collected regrets of Clover
Command and control
Manner of death : a novel
The watchmaker
The armor of light
The library of the unwritten
The trap
All the dark places
Alex Cross must die
The Helsinki affair : a novel
The mystery guest
The surviving sky
Symphony of secrets
King : a life
My name is Barbra
Being Henry : the Fonz . . . and beyond
P is for pterodactyl : the worst alphabet book ever : all the letters that misbehave and make words nearly impossible to pronounce


Julián is a mermaid
The circles all around us
The sisterhood : the secret history of women at the CIA
Exit interview : the life and death of my ambitious career
Trail of the lost : the relentless search to bring home the missing hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail
A City on Mars : Can We Settle Space, Should We Settle Space, and Have We Really Thought This Through?
Love in a time of hate : art and passion in the shadow of war
The last politician : inside Joe Biden
What you are looking for is in the library : a novel
The sandcastle girls : a novel
The road to Dalton
The proof of the pudding
The other princess : a novel of Queen Victoria
Dead man
The secret
The combat codes
The block party : a novel
Blood lines : a novel
The spy coast : a thriller
The exchange : after The Firm
What we kept to ourselves : a novel
The burnout : a novel
All that is mine I carry with me : a novel
All you have to do is call
The night house
Children of blood and bone
Resurrection walk


Something, someday
Elena rides
Build the life you want : the art and science of getting happier
George VI and Elizabeth : the marriage that saved the monarchy
Traitors gate
Savage son : a thriller
The vaster wilds
Happiness falls : a novel
The leftover woman : a novel
Flipping boxcars : a novel
Going zero : a novel
The bone hacker
Judgement prey
A chateau under siege
Looking glass sound
Black river orchard : a novel
Obsession : a Teddy Fay novel
Blood lines : a novel
The night house
Tell me what I am : a novel
What we kept to ourselves : a novel
The burnout : a novel
The road to Dalton
:Children of blood and bone


Save what
23 1/2 lies : thrillers
The Soviet sisters : a novel of the Cold War
Disease : the extraordinary stories behind history
Yellowface : a novel
Only the dead : a thriller
Promise : a novel
The housekeepers : a novel
Golden : the power of silence in a world of noise
Tom Clancy weapons grade
Clive Cussler condor
The woman in the castello
The river we remember : a novel
How can I help you
The fraud
The Eden Test
Blessing of the lost girls
A house with good bones
The stolen coast
The last devil to die
Codename charming
Payback in death
Mother-daughter murder night : a novel
The guest room
Humanly possible : seven hundred years of humanist freethinking, inquiry, and hope
If it sounds like a quack ... : a journey to the fringes of American medicine
Democracy awakening : notes on the state of America
Chita : a memoir
The stranger
Fahrenheit 451
20,000 leagues under the sea.
Sons and lovers
Things fall apart
City of bones
Beautiful creatures
Ruined : a novel
Thirst : No. 1
Thirst : No. 2
City of glass
Beautiful darkness
Thirst. No. 3 The eternal dawn
Beautiful chaos
Beautiful redemption
City of ashes
City of fallen angels
Except when they don
Beatrix Potter : the complete tales
Little Critter
I Love You, Grandma
Chicken Butt
Little Critter : just a storybook collection


Everything you need for a treehouse
Not all sheep are boring!
Baby sign language made easy : 101 signs to start communicating with your child now
Freya and the magic jewel
Kid Normal
The art thief : a true story of love, crime, and a dangerous obsession
The heat will kill you first : life and death on a scorched planet
A Maine garden almanac : seasonal wisdom for making the most of your garden space
The Paris assignment : a novel
Out of nowhere
Flags on the bayou : a novel
Canary girls : a novel
The senator
The Fifth Student : a medical thriller
None of this is true
The bird hotel : a novel
Just another missing person
The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store
Tom Lake : a novel
Lion & Lamb
Gone tonight
A line in the sand
Lady Tan
The wishing game : a novel
Ink blood sister scribe : a novel
The president
The quiet tenant
The marriage portrait
The rose code : a novel
The Alice Network
The Breakaway : a novel
The discreet charm of the big bad wolf

JULY 2023

Wildfire loose : the week Maine burned
Practice makes perfect : a novel
Wanderlust : a novel
Mortal follies
The Tiffany girls : a novel
The wind in the willows
The wind knows my name : a novel
The collector : a novel
Fire truck vs. dragon
Rogue justice : a thriller
The spare room : a novel
All the sinners bleed
The new mother
The only one left : a novel
Crook manifesto : a novel
The Paris daughter
Circle of death
The covenant of water : a novel
Dead Fall
Fourth WIng

JUNE 2023

Stay Sexy & Don
The undertow : scenes from a slow civil war
Nine black robes : inside the Supreme Court
American predator : the hunt for the most meticulous serial killer of the 21st century
This isn
Dirty laundry : a novel
Clive Cussler fire strike
Meet me at the lake
The secret book of Flora Lea : a novel
The five-star weekend
The survivor
A botanist
Same time next summer
Summer stage : a novel
Robert B. Parker
Cross down / Alex Cross #31
Private Moscow
One true loves : a novel
The celebrants : a novel
All the days of summer : a novel
Near miss
The fraud squad
Icarus Rising
New kid
Poverty, by America
Summer Reading
Zero Days
Happy Place
The First Ladies
A Perfect Vintage: a novel
The Lobster Lady
The Secret Pool
The 9th Man
Dead Man

MAY 2023

Traffic : genius, rivalry, and delusion in the billion-dollar race to go viral
The teachers : a year inside America
The Wager : a tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder
The last word : a novel
Tom Clancy red winter
Georgie, all along
I will find you
Night shift : a novel
The sea wolves
Voice of fear
Wicked dreams:
Pineapple Street : a novel
The sister effect
Death and croissants : a novel
Homecoming : a novel
Hello beautiful : a novel
The seaside library
The 23rd midnight / Women
The cabinet of Dr. Leng : a Pendergast novel
The swell
Encore in death /an Eve Dallas novel/ #56
Bad summer people
Romantic comedy : a novel
Camp zero : a novel
All the dangerous things
The grace year
Hurry, Little Tortoise, time for school!

APRIL 2023

Good night beach
Chez Bob
The mermaid moon
Rebel with a clause : tales and tips from a roving grammarian
The porcelain moon : a novel of France, the Great War, and forbidden love
Bottoms up and the devil laughs : a journey through the deep state
I have some questions for you
The London Seance Society
The plus one : a novel
Code name Sapphire
The house of wolves
Dark angel
The kind worth saving : a novel
The white lady : a novel
Simply lies
The great displacement : climate change and the next American migration
The darkness manifesto : on light pollution, night ecology, and the ancient rhythms that sustain life
This other Eden : a novel
With my little eye : a novel
Ghosts of the orphanage : a story of mysterious deaths, a conspiracy of silence, and a search for justice
Small mercies : a novel
The golden spoon : a novel
How data happened : a history from the age of reason to the age of algorithms
Happy place
Woman, Captain, Rebel

MARCH 2023

The escape artist : the man who broke out of Auschwitz to warn the world
Lessons in chemistry
Agent Josephine : American beauty, French hero, British spy
Accidental czar : the life and lies of Vladimir Putin
The writing retreat : a novel
The Mitford affair : a novel
Night flight to Paris
Murder your employer : the McMasters guide to homicide
Collateral damage an Ali Reynolds mystery
The Nazi conspiracy : the secret plot to kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill
The house in the pines : a novel
The devil
A castle in Brooklyn : a novel
The good daughter
Stay awake a novel
Someone else
Three Billy Goats Gruff
Knight Owl
One boy watching
Nigel and the Moon
Every Last Fear
The Night Swim
Robbed Blind
The Housemaid
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