MAY 2023

Traffic : genius, rivalry, and delusion in the billion-dollar race to go viral
The teachers : a year inside America
The Wager : a tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder
The last word : a novel
Tom Clancy red winter
Georgie, all along
I will find you
Night shift : a novel
The sea wolves
Voice of fear
Wicked dreams:
Pineapple Street : a novel
The sister effect
Death and croissants : a novel
Homecoming : a novel
Hello beautiful : a novel
The seaside library
The 23rd midnight / Women
The cabinet of Dr. Leng : a Pendergast novel
The swell
Encore in death /an Eve Dallas novel/ #56
Bad summer people
Romantic comedy : a novel
Camp zero : a novel
All the dangerous things
The grace year
Hurry, Little Tortoise, time for school!

APRIL 2023

Good night beach
Chez Bob
The mermaid moon
Rebel with a clause : tales and tips from a roving grammarian
The porcelain moon : a novel of France, the Great War, and forbidden love
Bottoms up and the devil laughs : a journey through the deep state
I have some questions for you
The London Seance Society
The plus one : a novel
Code name Sapphire
The house of wolves
Dark angel
The kind worth saving : a novel
The white lady : a novel
Simply lies
The great displacement : climate change and the next American migration
The darkness manifesto : on light pollution, night ecology, and the ancient rhythms that sustain life
This other Eden : a novel
With my little eye : a novel
Ghosts of the orphanage : a story of mysterious deaths, a conspiracy of silence, and a search for justice
Small mercies : a novel
The golden spoon : a novel
How data happened : a history from the age of reason to the age of algorithms
Happy place
Woman, Captain, Rebel

MARCH 2023

The escape artist : the man who broke out of Auschwitz to warn the world
Lessons in chemistry
Agent Josephine : American beauty, French hero, British spy
Accidental czar : the life and lies of Vladimir Putin
The writing retreat : a novel
The Mitford affair : a novel
Night flight to Paris
Murder your employer : the McMasters guide to homicide
Collateral damage an Ali Reynolds mystery
The Nazi conspiracy : the secret plot to kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill
The house in the pines : a novel
The devil
A castle in Brooklyn : a novel
The good daughter
Stay awake a novel
Someone else
Three Billy Goats Gruff
Knight Owl
One boy watching
Nigel and the Moon
Every Last Fear
The Night Swim
Robbed Blind
The Housemaid
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