LocationAuthorTitleCall Number
New Fiction                                Robinson, RoxanaLeavingFIC ROB
New FictionGrippando, JamesGoodbye GirlFIC GRI
New FictionQuindlen, AnnaAfter AnnieFIC QUI
New FictionOrange, TommyThere, ThereFIC ORA
New FictionEverett, PercivalJamesFIC EVE
New FictionRobinson, MarilynneLilaFIC ROB
New Fiction   Greaney, MarkOn TargetFIC GRE
New Fiction   Kingsolver, BarbaraUnshelteredFIC KIN
New FictionHepworth, SallyThe Soul MateFIC HEP
New FictionGaiman, NeilGood OmensFIC GAI
New FictionFord, OliviaMrs. Quinn’s Rise to FameFIC FOR
New FictionDameron, DeLanaRedwood CourtFIC DAM
New NonFictionWallach, JanetFlirting with Danger327.127 WAL
New NonfictionCooper, AndersonAstor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune974.71 COO
New NonFictionDuhigg, CharlesSupercommunicators153.6 DUH
New NonFictionMitchell, DavidUnruly: The Ridiculous History of England’s Kings and Queens941.009 MIT
New NonFictionAnderson, ChrisInfectious Generosity177.7 AND
New NonFictionTaffa, Deborah JacksonWhiskey Tender978.982 TAF
New NonFictionKeyes, CoreyLanguishing152.188 KEY
New NonFictionReid, Joy-AnnMedgar & Myrlie323.092 REI
New BiographyFanone, MichaelHold the LineBIO FAN
New BiographyDunn, HarryStanding My GroundBIO DUN
New Large PrintLawhon, ArielThe Frozen RiverLP FIC LAW
New Large PrintMason, DanielNorth WoodsLP FIC MAS
New Large PrintHannah, KristenThe WomenLP FIC HAN
New Large PrintMallery, SusanThe Summer Book ClubLP FIC MAL
New ChildrenHrab, NaseemHow To Party Like a SnailE HRA
New ChildrenJohn, JoryThe Big CheeseE JOH
New ChildrenRubin, AdamThose Darn SquirrelsE RUB
New ChildrenDeedy, CarmenWombat Said Come InE DEE
New ChildrenHughes, HollieThe Girl and the DinosaurE HUG
New ChildrenEsbaum, JillJack Knight’s Brave FlightE ESB
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