NewBentley, DonTom Clancy weapons gradeFIC CLA
NewBrown, GrahamClive Cussler condor’s fury : a novel from the NUMA filesFIC CUS
NewCarr, JackOnly the dead : a thrillerFIC CAR
NewCastellano, ElizabethSave what’s leftFIC CAS
NewDobson, Mary J.Disease : the extraordinary stories behind history’s deadliest killers616 DOB
NewGriffiths, Rachel ElizaPromise : a novelFIC GRI
NewHay, AlexThe housekeepers : a novelFIC HAY
NewJames, KelseyThe woman in the castelloFIC JAM
NewJance, Judith A.Blessing of the lost girlsFIC JAN
NewKingfisher, T.A house with good bonesFIC KIN
NewKrueger, William KentThe river we remember : a novelFIC KRU
NewKuang, R. F.Yellowface : a novelFIC KUA
NewMurphy, DwyerThe stolen coastFIC MUR
NewOsman, RichardThe last devil to dieFIC OSM
NewParker, LucyCodename charmingFIC PAR
NewPatterson, James23 1/2 lies : thrillersFIC PAT
NewRobards, KateThe three deaths of Willa Stannard : a thrillerFIC ROB
NewRobb, J. D.Payback in deathFIC ROB
NewScott, AnikaThe Soviet sisters : a novel of the Cold WarFIC SCO
NewSimon, NinaMother-daughter murder night : a novelFIC SIM
NewSims, LauraHow can I help youFIC SIM
NewSmith, ZadieThe fraudFIC SMI
NewSternbergh, AdamThe Eden TestFIC STE
NewSylva, TashaThe guest roomFIC SYL
NewZorn, JustinGolden : the power of silence in a world of noise128 ZOR
New Non-FictionBakewell, SarahHumanly possible : seven hundred years of humanist freethinking, inquiry, and hope171.2 BAK
New Non-FictionHongoltz-Hetling, MatthewIf it sounds like a quack … : a journey to the fringes of American medicine615.856 HON
New Non-FictionLevin, Mark R.The Democrat Party hates America324.273 LEV
New Non-FictionMaclean, Calum1001 outdoor swimming tips : environmental, safety, training and gear advice for cold-water, open-water and wild swimmers797.21 MAC
New Non-FictionRichardson, Heather CoxDemocracy awakening : notes on the state of America320.473 RIC
New Non-FictionRivera, ChitaChita : a memoirBIO RIV RIV
New Non-FictionSax, Paul E.100 questions & answers about HIV and AIDS362.1969 SAX
Rotary ClassicsAchebe, Chinua.Things fall apartFIC ACH
Rotary ClassicsBradbury, RayFahrenheit 451FIC BRA
Rotary ClassicsCamus, AlbertThe strangerFIC CAM
Rotary Classicsde Balzac, HonorePere GoriotFIC DE B
Rotary ClassicsEllison, RalphInvisible manFIC ELL
Rotary ClassicsLawrence, D. H.Sons and loversFIC LAW
Rotary ClassicsPasternak, Boris LeonidovichDoctor ZhivagoFIC PAS
Rotary ClassicsTwain, MarkA Connecticut yankee in King Arthur’s courtFIC TWA
Rotary ClassicsVerne, Jules20,000 leagues under the sea.FIC VER
Rotary ClassicsVoltaireCandideFIC VOL
Young AdultClare, CassandraCity of ashesYA FIC CLA
Young AdultClare, CassandraCity of fallen angelsYA FIC CLA
Young AdultClare, CassandraCity of bonesYA FIC CLA
Young AdultClare, CassandraCity of glassYA FIC CLA
Young AdultGarcia, KamiBeautiful creaturesYA FIC GAR
Young AdultGarcia, KamiBeautiful darknessYA FIC GAR
Young AdultGarcia, KamiBeautiful chaosYA FIC GAR
Young AdultGarcia, KamiBeautiful redemptionYA FIC GAR
Young AdultMorris, PaulaRuined : a novelYA FIC MOR
Young AdultPike, ChristopherThirst. No. 3 The eternal dawnYA FIC PIK
Young AdultPike, ChristopherThirst : No. 1YA FIC PIK
Young AdultPike, ChristopherThirst : No. 2YA FIC PIK
ChildrenGehl, LauraExcept when they don’tE GEH
ChildrenHarker, JillianI Love You, GrandmaE HAR
ChildrenMayer, MercerLittle Critter : just a storybook collectionE MAY
ChildrenPerl, Erica S.Chicken butt!E PER
ChildrenPerl, Erica S.Chicken Butt’s back!E PER
ChildrenPotter, BeatrixBeatrix Potter : the complete talesJ FIC POT
ChildrenLittle Critter’s picture dictionaryJ 423.17 MAY
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