This donation was made in memory of Cynthia Reid Armbruster and her father, Howard Joseph Reid. Both were artists and educators with a deep and abiding love for Maine.


Friday October 8, 2021

At an outdoor reception today, the Ogunquit Memorial Library announced receipt of a memorial gift by the family of the late Cynthia Reid Armbruster and Howard Joseph Reid, her late father.

Both honorees were educators and artists for whom Maine – and especially Ogunquit – held lifelong affection. The gift is being used to enlarge and enhance the Library’s fine arts holdings. 

Reception guests were welcomed by Patience Sundaresan, President of the Library’s Board of Trustees:

“On behalf of all of the trustees and staff, I welcome members of the Armbruster family here today – Tim and Gwen.

We so appreciate the generous gift you have made in memory and honor of your loved ones. 

This directed gift to expand our fine arts collection will greatly contribute to the library’s mission for life long learning in the community.

In this way you have created a meaningful connection between your family and those people in the future who will be inspired by the fine arts collection here at the Ogunquit Memorial Library. 

So, thank you very much for this wonderful gift. We are truly grateful.”

Mrs. Armbruster, a fine arts history graduate of Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, taught for many years in public and private schools in the Chicago and Cleveland areas, and did extensive private tutoring. After her children were born, she did occasional substitute teaching in Baltimore private schools.

She was a longtime member of the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Walters Art Museum, the Art Seminar Group, and on the governing board of the former Contemporary Art Museum of Baltimore. Mrs. Armbruster was a passionate devotee of religious choral music and sang as both a volunteer and professional in choirs her entire adult life.

Mr. Reid, a native of Sanford, Maine, attended University of Rhode Island and graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in art. He was a working artist in a variety of media, and for many years the chair of the Art Department of a large Cleveland, Ohio high school. He taught at the Cleveland Art Institute and was a curator at the Cleveland Art Museum. A set of Mr. Reid’s block prints is part of the Museum’s permanent collection.

The family was represented by Mrs. Armbruster’s daughter, Gwen, an honors graduate of Bowdoin College in Visual Art and Art History and holder of a Masters of Business Administration with Honors in Design Strategy from the California College of the Arts: “My mother and grandfather had a profound influence on my creative development and intellectual interest in the arts for which I am incredibly grateful. I know they would be thrilled to be remembered in this way.”

Mrs. Armbruster’s husband of more than 50 years, Dr. Timothy D. Armbruster, was also in attendance. Her son Reid, daughter-in-law Cecilia Ventoso and granddaughters Isadora and Carolina could not be present but expressed their enthusiastic support of the gift and its purpose.

“This gift from the Armbruster family comes at a time of revitalization of the art colony.   In the past, our art holdings have provided a resource for local and visiting artists, aspiring artists, and all those who appreciate the fine arts. The gift of these art books will breathe new life into our art book collection. The library and its staff appreciate this gift and will support the drive of those patrons and visitors who wish to learn more about the fine arts, their history, and techniques.” David Weare,  Library Director

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